Eastern Sugar

Eastern Sugar, 2018
Solo exhibition

12 April – 15 July, 2018
Kunsthalle Bratislava, Slovakia
Exhibition opening on 12 April, 2018 at 6 PM

Curator: Nina Vrbanová
Assistant curator: Krisztina Hunya

Eastern Sugar incorporates artworks: Archive (2018); Pohronský Ruskov (2018), Dunajská Streda (2018), Interview with Christian Laur (2018), Sugarloaf Manufacture (2018), Juhocukor (2018), Museum of Sugar (2018), Interview with Dušan Janíček (2017)

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Review by Emily Verla Bovino on artmargins.com

Dunajská Streda

Dunajská Streda, 2018

In collaboration with Cukru production
Single channel video, silent, 0:52 min.

Courtesy of the artist

The project was realised in the frame of the Eastern Sugar exhibition.


Archive, 2017 – 2018

In collaboration with photographer Olja Triaška Stefanović and architect Marián Ravasz
38 C-prints on aluminium panels of various dimensions, interactive installation, text
12 m x 2,60 m x 2,60 m

Courtesy of the artist

The project was realised in the frame of the Eastern Sugar exhibition.

Sugarloaf Manufacture, Bratislava

Sugarloaf Manufacture, Bratislava; 2017 – 2018

In cooperation with Marian Ravasz
Manufacture with 36 workstations, sugarloaf forms and utensils, packaging material, different objects, lamps, back space for the workers
Dimension variable
Courtesy of the artist

Working hours: Mo, Wed – Fr: 12:00 – 19:00
Visitors are invited to produce sugar loaves on site and can take home half the amount of packed sugar loaves they have produced.

The project was realised in the frame of the Eastern Sugar exhibition.


Juhocukor, 2018

Site-specific installation, linoleum, courtesy of the artist
Original piece of flooring from Juhocukor (later: Eastern Sugar) factory, Dunajská Streda/Dunaszerdahely, from the 1990’s

The project was realised in the frame of the Eastern Sugar exhibition.

Museum of Sugar

Museum of Sugar, 2018

Pilot presentation of a currently non-existent institution

Expert: Miroslav Eliáš, Ph.D.
In cooperation of Plural architects and graphic designer Eva Kašáková

The project was realised in the frame of the Eastern Sugar exhibition.

Then Wien

Then Wien, 2018


Wien Hauptbahnhof, Wien, Austria

Then Ústi nad Labem

Then Ústi nad Labem, 2018

Public art
C-print, 4 pieces, 450 x 210 cm
Posters 100 x 70 cm in the city, Ústi nad Labem
Graphic design: Jonathan Ravasz

Clouds Bratislava

Clouds Bratislava, 2018

Light installation at the White Night/Biela Noc Bratislava 2018
In cooperation with Jaroslav Varga and Marian Ravasz

Text on 50 balloons (83 x 110 cm) filled with helium, light
1,1 m x 42 m
In cooperation with Jaroslav Varga and Marian Ravasz

29 September, 2018
Primate’s Square, Bratislava, Slovakia

“Alice Malsenior Walker: Bežne prichádzame o moc, lebo si myslíme, že ju nemáme.”
“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

More info at bielanoc.sk
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Dilemma (book)

Dilemma, 2013
Edited by Edit András

A touring exhibition of one of the most important representatives of contemporary art in the Central and Eastern European region was at all its sites (Budapest, Košice, Brno) at home and, at the same time, a guest; in all the sites it was a statement made from both the inside and the outside, corresponding to the transnational position of the artist. Ilona Nemeth is a Slovak artist of Hungarian nationality, whose artistic career began in Czechoslovakia, who regularly exhibits in Slovakia as well as in the Czech Republic, and who is also considered part of the Hungarian art scene.

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Retour (with Jonathan Ravasz)

Retour, 2013
In cooperation with Jonathan Ravasz

80 x 30,5 x 30,5 cm
30 postcards in a metal postcard stand
Photos by the artist
Postcard photos by Gábor & Ádám Hushegyi

“The billowy history of Hungary since the political transformation in the early 90’s includes the relationship among Hungarians and Hungarians living abroad which is rather quiet troubled and unsettled. The mother country feels its own historical and moral obligation to interfere into the life of the communities beyond the borders which brings some positive but at the same time some dysfunctional consequences.

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The Fog

The Fog, 2013
September 12 and September 27, 2013
Námestie Slobody / Freedom Square, Bratislava

Organised by Verejný podstavec / Public Pedestal, Bratislava
In cooperation with Martin Piaček
Realized within project Zero Point

Production by Petra Báliková
Photos by Marian Ravasz

The Fog
Video (5’20”)

Video production by Cukru
Director of photography and editing by Martina Slováková
Photos by Miroslav Bača, Martin Chlpík, Jakub Lazarčík, Dušan Vančo
Sound by Blažej Vidlička
Sound design by Dušan Vančo
Special effects by František Šuli Rakický, Gabriela Macková
Production management by Petra Báliková, Martin Piaček
Supported by Ministerstva kultúry SR