Invitation for a Visit

Invitation for a Visit, 2001
The Floor VI.
Interactive multimedia installation

135 x 528 x 968 cm
Furniture objects, ready-mades, various objects, electronics
Location: 49. La Biennale di Venezia, Pavilion of the Czech and Slovak Republic
Architect: Marián Ravasz
Curator: Katarína Rusnaková
Sound: Roman Laščiak

Photos by Marián Ravasz

Ilona Németh created a multimedia installation for the 49th Biennalle, titled “Invitation for a visit,” in collaboration with Czech artist Jiří Suruvka. She made her home and privacy an art medium – she installed her Slovakian apartment, while accepting the architectonic disposition of the Czech and Slovak pavilion.


Balls, 2001

7 balls (200 cm in diameter)
Location: Luxembourg (selected by Casino Luxembourg)
Photos by Marián Ravasz