Kiev, Ukraine, Europe

Kiev, Ukraine, Europe, 2014
Video loop 1’15’’

In cooperation with Attila Hegyi, Gabriela Zigová and Gabriela Mészáros

18 February and 8 March, 2014

This video was inspired by the traumatic events in Europe, when in front of our eyes, the situation in one of our neighbouring countries has cumulated in such extent, that office workers, students and workmen — a broad slice of the society has begun to demolish their own city, breaking up the pavement under their own feet to fight for their freedom. Breaking up the pavement together to use it as a weapon. 3 weeks later at the beginning of March 2014, during the reconstruction of Kiev’s main square, Maidan, they started to lay down the cobble again. Ukraine is still at war today. 28.07.2015

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Grandstand 3.

Grandstand 3., 2014
“Greetings from Rome for Bruce Nauman”

Site-specific video installation at The Gallery Apart, Rome, Italy
Metal-construction, plastic seats, slide projection

Dimension variable

In cooperation with architect Marian Ravasz and graphic designer Filip Ruisl

Rudolf Szabó / Szabó Rezső

Rudolf Szabó / Szabó Rezső, 2014
Video (45’ 08’’)

The interview was recorded on July 14, 2013 and January 3, 2014 in Bratislava
Interviewers: Ilona Németh, Ábel Ravasz
Editor: Endre Koronczi
Co-editor: Dóra Rudas
Translation: Anna Antal

Photos by Endre Koronczi, Gábor Pribék
Copyright: Ilona Németh, 2014
In cooperation with

Ship R. Sz.

Ship R. Sz., 2014
Video (1’ 43’’)

Editor: Endre Koronczi
Translation: Anna Antal
Technical advisor: Juraj Bohuňský
Slovak Shipping and Ports a.s. Bratislava

Footage from educational film
Danube Navigation, 1961
Director: Milan Hendrych

Photos by Štepán Sejtko
Copyright: Ilona Németh, 2014

Courtesy of Slovak Shipping and Ports a.s. Bratislava
In cooperation with

Sz.K. Berlin

Sz.K. Berlin, 2014
Projection of computer animation
Computer animation by Boris Vitázek

Location: Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, Germany
Photos by artist

2014 – 2015: Private Nationalism PN CZ, SK, H, D, PL @ Praha, Košice, Pécs, Dresden, Krakow

Private Nationalism, 2014-2015
March 27 – April 30, 2014
Kunsthalle Košice, Slovakia
Curators: Ilona Németh, József R. Juhász, Michal Štofa

Other exhibitions: 21.2. – 15.3. 2014, Praha; 8.5. – 15.6. 2014, Pécs; 18.7. – 28.9. 2014, Dresden, 15.2. – 30. 3. 2015, Krakow
Curators: Lenka Klodová, Ivan Mečl, Ilona Németh, József R. Juhász, Michal Štofa, Rita Varga, Márton Pacsika, Nadine Bors, Andrea Hilger, Anna Lebensztejn, Lidia Krawczyk

On view by Ilona Németh: Retour (2013, with Jonathan Ravasz), and Zsófia Meller (2012), Middle of Europe (2014)
Photos by Boris Vajtovič (Kunsthalle Košice)

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