I’ve Always Liked Redhaired Women

I’ve Always Liked Redhaired Women, 1992
Homage to Hrabal’s Mother

350 x 300 x 300 cm
Copper wires, netting, roses
Location: Museum of Art / Považská galéria umenia, Žilina, Slovakia
Photos by Martin Marenčín

The Gate

The Gate, 1992

240 x 500 x 180 cm
Hardboard, metal construction, natural materials, knives
Property of the Zbierka Prvej slovenskej investičnej skupiny, a. s. Bratislava
Photos by Marián Ravasz, Ladislav Sternmüller

“The work comprises two high walls; twigs are attached to one of them and kitchen knives are stuck into the second one. A spectator, who has to pass the corridor between the two walls, must face a very suggestive situation of constraint, threat or aggressiveness. This art work stands at the author’s step-out to the installations and settings where she used natural materials. Such creation of corridors and passages culminates in her works Stena a Labyrint /Wall and Labyrinth/ (Synagogue of GJK Trnava 1996, sandbags, 60 tons).” [www.gjk.sk]