Reliquiary I. – III.

Reliqiary I. – III. (Artist’s Relics from 2000), 2000

Metal, glass, organic materials
Photos by József Rosta (2012)


Armchairs, 2000
In cooperation with Csaba Czibula
Video installation

90 x 400 x 400 cm
8 x armchairs, video projection
Property of the Galéria mesta Bratislavy, Bratislava
Photos by Martin Marenčin


Part, 2000
Interactive sound installation

300 x 120 x 500 cm
Furniture, various objects, sensors
Photos by Martin Marenčin

The Bench

The Bench, 2000
Sound installation

Bench, linoleum
Photos by Marián Ravasz, Lajos Kalmár

Invitation for a Piece of Cake

Invitation for a Piece of Cake, 2000
The Floor V.
Site specific installation

Location: KulturKontakt Atelier, Vienna, Austria
Photos by Martin Marenčin