Retour (with Jonathan Ravasz)

Retour, 2013
In cooperation with Jonathan Ravasz

80 x 30,5 x 30,5 cm
30 postcards in a metal postcard stand
Photos by the artist
Postcard photos by Gábor & Ádám Hushegyi

“The billowy history of Hungary since the political transformation in the early 90’s includes the relationship among Hungarians and Hungarians living abroad which is rather quiet troubled and unsettled. The mother country feels its own historical and moral obligation to interfere into the life of the communities beyond the borders which brings some positive but at the same time some dysfunctional consequences. One of those dysfunctions is some kind of an export of the actual Hungarian regime and political ideology into the transborder medium, if you like an infection by the Hungarian political life’s disease. A nice example is the statueexport, the fact that the copies of the actual cherishing hungarian exalted personages have been increased outside of the country meanwhile the opposite action is marginal. The project is trying to vary this asymmetric situation. Thirty statues are being figuratively returned to the sender. The sculptures had ben settled during the time between 1995 and 2013 in Slovakia with the support of Hungary. This collection is not making a comprehensive documentation but it gives a mirror to this export activity.”