Then Lučenec

Then Lučenec, 2017

Performance at Festival Medzihmla
Lučenec, Slovakia

Photos: David Koronczi

Sugarloaf Manufacture, Prague

Sugarloaf Manufacture, Prague; 2017

In cooperation with Marian Ravasz
Manufacture with 20 workstations, sugarloaf forms and utensils, packaging material, different objects, lamps, back space for the workers
Dimension variable
Courtesy of the artist

Visitors are invited to produce sugar loaves on site and can take home half the amount of packed sugar loaves they have produced.

Interview with Dušan Janíček

Interview with Dušan Janíček – Director of External Relations Slovenské Cukrovary, s.r.o. Sered’, AGRANA Group, 2017

In collaboration with Cukru productions
Interview conducted by Ilona Németh, János Vasik
Single channel video, colour, sound, 14:28 min.
Courtesy of the artist


Oblaky, 2017
Light installation at the Biela noc Košice 2017
In cooperation with Jaro Varga