Floating Gardens, Budapest

For rent – 2 small gardens that need tending – each garden is fully planted and 12 square meters in area – on the City Park Lake between 22 May 2011 and 4 September 2011. Applications may be made before 1 April 2011 (e-mail address).
“Ilona Németh also pursues an environmental theme by making two floating ‘guerrilla’ gardens, which are to be tended by a pair of volunteer horticulturalists over the summer.” [translocal.org]
In cooperation with Marián Ravasz, architect, Zsolt Bankó, garden architect and Oázis kft., garden architects
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Dilema Project

Dilema Project, 2011
*Endnote, video (30′)
Location: Ernst Museum Budapest
Photos by Endre Koronczi
Video by Endre Koronczi, Erik Mátrai
Editing byEndre Koronczi, Dóra Rudas-Hushegyi
Production by Kunsthalle / Műcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary
Endre Koronczi – Indisposition, video (8’30”)
“One of the dictionary definitions of “dilemma” describes it as “a situation necessitating a choice between two equal, especially equally undesirable, alternatives”. Németh had intended to turn the whole building of the Ernst Museum into a massive installation, yet the further she progressed the less she could identify with her own idea. She eventually changed her plans and the concept of the exhibition. It now aims to illustrate artists’ struggles with their own consciences, hence the title Dilemma. […] Dilemma provides plenty of material for debate. The exhibition is “accompanied” by two videos, in which the artist delivers a monologue about her work and her ideas. In fact the exhibition per se consists of a closed, empty room.” (Budapest Times)
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Námestie Slobody Project

Tornado, 2011
Fog, 2011
Public art concept
Location: Freedom Square / Námestie Slobody, Bratislava, Slovakia
Organized by Public Plinth / Verejný Postavec, Bratislava
Visualisation by Martin Kochan

“While thinking about project for Freedom Square I was aware how overburdened with various layers of both past and present it is. Bohunka Koklesová wrote about the history of this place: „The square became a place, where the politics turned itself into rituals and falsely declared a vision of better tomorrows.“ With the political statements came along various props attuned to the visuality
of its moment in history.
I decided for a different approach: I would like to comment on the context of the square with an ephemeral present. I pondered over a few options – events, happenings and phenomena. I considered a use of various smoke shells and flares as well as an idea to fill it completely with fog – a complete historical, social and visual resetting of the square.
Finally, I chose a natural phenomenon, which establishes new environement for reconstruction through a process of destruction. My project consists of creating a tornado-like „object,“ which would regularly turn up in the square and present a changing object as well as event-performance.
By its temporary presence it wouldn’t burden the square and would conveniently take up the tradition of shows and events of both political and socially-entertaining nature, which had taken place here.”
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