Mirror, Pécs

535 x 788 cm
Mirrors, metal construction, hardboard
Location: Kossuth tér, Pécs, Hungary
Architect: Marián Ravasz
Photos by Marián Ravasz
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Sz.K., Rome

Stucco on wall
Location: VM21 Gallery, Rome
Photos by Marián Ravasz
“I was born in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, went to school in Czechoslovakia, married in Hungary, live in Slovakia. I have never moved out from my native village. Szabó Krisztina”
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Family Reliquiary

90 x 130 cm
Wood, metal, various objects
Photos by Marko Horban
“The second phenomenon, ilona nemeth is interested in, is a family reliquary. she has been collecting different objects after her ancestors and family members. she is interested in family memory, the reconstruction of the past and the influence of history on a person,she is trying to treat the collection in different ways.” [amtproject.sk]
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“the architectonical objects from dunajská streda, placed in private gardens, on the land of family houses, or directly belonging to family houses, were born in the last years as family businesses, with the intention to make their own situation better by private business. the entrepreneuristic hopes were not fulfilled for different reasons and the objects have remained empty, as a “mementum of endeavor” and “monuments of hope”. she bid four founders of the photoclub in dunajská streda, lászló sóos, péter hodosy, lászló göndör and béla edmár to cooperation. they mapped the whole city of dunajská streda and found 16 such objects, which these photographers photographed in their own style.” [amtproject.sk]
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