Private Gynecological Ambulance I. – III.

Private Gynecological Ambulance I. – III., 1997

72 x 112 x 112 cm
Metal examining chair, velvet, rabbit fur, moss
Property of the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
Photos by Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (2005)

On the Road

On the Road, 1997
In cooperation with Juraj Bartusz
Site specific installation

10 x 12 m
Suitcases, video
Location: At Home Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia
Photos by Lehel Tóth

Let’s Sweep It under the Carpet

Let’s Sweep It under the Carpet, 1997
The Floor II.
In cooperation with Ágnes Deli
Interactive site-specific sound installation

200 x 400 x 400 cm
White canvas, pillows, cottonwool, various hidden objects
Location: Gallery Stúdió, Budapest, Hungary
Photos by József Rosta