Pax Nexus Salvus

Pax Nexus Salvus, 2005
In cooperation with Marián Ravasz
Wardrobe combination – confessional, leaflet

240 x 201 x 75 cm
Furniture panel, aluminium, glass, upholstery, electronics
Photos by Lajos Kalmár (2005), Martin Polák (2007)

“PAX is a lot more than just a simple wardrobe. The PAX wardrobe system can be adjusted to your needs and your space available. Complete the PAX wardrobe system with KOMPLEMENT interior fittings and you get the „chameleon” space that would exactly suit your personal style. The exterior of PAX wardrobe is attractive, and its interior is well arranged. Installing adequate lights into your wardrobe would make your life even easier. Interior fittings, lights, knobs or handles of the PAX system are sold separately.” (leaflet)