Námestie Slobody Project

Tornado, 2011
Fog, 2011
Public art concept
Location: Freedom Square / Námestie Slobody, Bratislava, Slovakia
Organized by Public Plinth / Verejný Postavec, Bratislava
Visualisation by Martin Kochan

“While thinking about project for Freedom Square I was aware how overburdened with various layers of both past and present it is. Bohunka Koklesová wrote about the history of this place: „The square became a place, where the politics turned itself into rituals and falsely declared a vision of better tomorrows.“ With the political statements came along various props attuned to the visuality
of its moment in history.

I decided for a different approach: I would like to comment on the context of the square with an ephemeral present. I pondered over a few options – events, happenings and phenomena. I considered a use of various smoke shells and flares as well as an idea to fill it completely with fog – a complete historical, social and visual resetting of the square.

Finally, I chose a natural phenomenon, which establishes new environement for reconstruction through a process of destruction. My project consists of creating a tornado-like „object,“ which would regularly turn up in the square and present a changing object as well as event-performance.
By its temporary presence it wouldn’t burden the square and would conveniently take up the tradition of shows and events of both political and socially-entertaining nature, which had taken place here.”