Morning, 2003
In cooperation with Csaba Czibula
Video (3’50”)

In collection: Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary; M.ICA, Miskolci Kortárs Művészeti Intézet / Institute of Contemporary Arts, Miskolc, Hungary; National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia
Photos by Csaba Czibula

“Ilona Nemeth’s Morning reflects on the relationship between the public and the private world by focusing on a simple everyday ritual. The artist is seen having breakfast, reading the newspaper and going shopping, the only strange feature of this morning ritual being that she is followed throughout her activities by two policemen dressed in riot gear. As it is not clear whether the policemen are there to protect her or to threaten her, the excess of security becomes an act of violence against the very subject of the protection.”

Lydia Pribišová