Grandstand 1.

Grandstand 1., 2012
“Greetings from Košice to Bruce Neumann”
Site specific installation
Steel construction, wood, seats

“Priestor Identity is the work of well–known Slovak artist Ilona Németh (1963), who brings a modern take on the connection of large historical changes and family stories at the Východoslovenská galéria Košice in Košice, which also reference the continuous interference of politics into culture. This is a public display of intimacy and the creation of a unique spatial identity in terms of individual, lineage and territorial identity. The author herself has systematically focused on objects, installations and new media. Priestor identity offers a unique presentation in the form of six videos, a series of photographs, objects and a central installation, created just for the non-exhibition part of the gallery’s premises in the ante-room of the historical wing. The exhibition is held within the context of the exhibition’s theme of the greater central European region.”

Location: Eastern Slovak Gallery Košice / Východoslovenská galéria, Košice, Slovakia
In cooperation with Lelátó Kft. Budapest
Photos by József Rosta