Exhibition Room

Exhibition Room, 1998
The Floor IV.
Interactive multimedia installation

200 x 800 x 50 cm (1998), 150 x 600 x 40 cm (2005)
Wood, reflectors, electronics, sensors, light effects, mirror
The 2005 version is the property of the Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava
Photos by Mária Baloghová, Lajos Kalmár

“Exhibition Room is an interactive installation, in which the visitor who steps on the podium placed in the middle of the room gets into the spotlight for a minute, into the center of attention, thus crossing from the private to the public sphere. The visitor is perplexed by the suddenly initiated sound and light effects […] All the while, Matt Bianco’s lame hit is blaring from the reproductors, there’s clapping and colorful lights – apart from prompting self-examination, also reflects on the manipulative behavior of the media, the beauty- and entertainment industry, the false self-images inducated by them, the desires and exhibitionism.”

Krisztina Szipőcs