27 m

27 m, 2004-2006
Sound installation, photography

Wireless headphones, audio equipment, tracks on the floor
Photos by Tibor Somogyi, Museum of Contemporary Art – Tokyo, Marián Ravasz, Lajos Kalmár
Sound by Roman Laščiak

c-print (Dunajská Streda) by Jana Hojštricová
90 x 150 cm

27m is a sound installation consisting of several 27 meter long walking tracks and a series of short minute soundtracks. Audience members put on headphones and walk along these tracks, listening to the sounds and a monologue. The sound was recorded along a route 27 metres long at one of the busiest junction of Dunajská Streda, a city in Slovakia, the hometown of the artists. People who are at the junction describe their visual experience of this place, from different perspectives. The work 27m has been shown in Slovakia, Hungary, Japan, Germany, USA, Russia and Sweden.