Floating Gardens, Budapest

Floating Gardens, Budapest, 2011
Object in public space

300 x 400 x 90 cm (2 pieces)
Polypropylene (PP) objects, plants, natural materials
Location: Museum of Fine Arts, City Park Lake, Budapest, Hungary

For rent – 2 small gardens that need tending – each garden is fully planted and 12 square meters in area – on the City Park Lake between 22 May 2011 and 4 September 2011. Applications may be made before 1 April 2011 (e-mail address).

“Ilona Németh also pursues an environmental theme by making two floating ‘guerrilla’ gardens, which are to be tended by a pair of volunteer horticulturalists over the summer.” [translocal.org]

In cooperation with Marián Ravasz, architect, Zsolt Bankó, garden architect and Oázis kft., garden architects