Dilema Project

Dilema Project, 2011
*Endnote, video (30′)

Location: Ernst Museum Budapest
Photos by Endre Koronczi
Video by Endre Koronczi, Erik Mátrai
Editing byEndre Koronczi, Dóra Rudas-Hushegyi
Production by Kunsthalle / Műcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary

Endre Koronczi – Indisposition, video (8’30”)

“One of the dictionary definitions of “dilemma” describes it as “a situation necessitating a choice between two equal, especially equally undesirable, alternatives”. Németh had intended to turn the whole building of the Ernst Museum into a massive installation, yet the further she progressed the less she could identify with her own idea. She eventually changed her plans and the concept of the exhibition. It now aims to illustrate artists’ struggles with their own consciences, hence the title Dilemma. […] Dilemma provides plenty of material for debate. The exhibition is “accompanied” by two videos, in which the artist delivers a monologue about her work and her ideas. In fact the exhibition per se consists of a closed, empty room.” (Budapest Times)